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Hi all,

any good and reliable air con installers to recommend?

My close to 5 years panasonic air con is finally reaching its end of endurance mainly due to bad installation, bad piping and bad cabling. the installation is so bad that the whole air con trunking start to sweat and condense after few months. eventually leaked into my walls and paint. now my rooms the walls look like ****.

I think due to the water and moisture it affected the cabling and now one of my FCU cannot turn on anymore. ask ppl to check and they say the whole set of aircon condition is very bad.

I think i will go for replacement of entire aircon, including all the piping and trunking. Any good place to recommend?

The installation workmanship, piping, cabling is utmost importance to me. I want to avoid all the installation headache and nightmare which i encountered. I am prepared to pay premium but the quality must be good

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