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Smile Singapore is now in Xbox Clubs!

Singapore has a place now in Xbox Clubs. It is a space for all Xbox and Windows 10 users in Singapore to look for groups to play or simply to relax, chat and share. You are also welcomed if you are a Singaporean living overseas and wish to connect on Xbox. Come in and say hi!

Here is how you can join:

If you are on Xbox One and has a (preview) build with the feature,
1. Navigate to "Community" tab
2. Select "Clubs on Xbox" on the right column
3. Select "Find a club"
4. Type in "Singapore"

If you are on Windows 10,
I will include the steps when the Xbox app is updated with the feature.

A place on Xbox by a Singaporean for Singapore users and fellow Singaporeans. See you there!

(Xbox Clubs is a new way for gamers to connect on Xbox Live, whether they are on a Windows 10 PC or Xbox One. In case you are wondering, I am not associated to Xbox and am an Xbox user who finds this broad feature to connect console and PC gamers exciting. )


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