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LG A4UQ26GFA2 System 4

Installation Included
Free Dismantle & Disposal of Old Units

5 years on compressor
5 years on other spare parts (promotion ends on 30 Sept 2016)
1 year on workmanship

S$3,773.75 (with $350 choice vouchers)

LG A4UQ26GFA0 System 4
S$3,614.90 (with $550 choice vouchers)
same as above

any reviews on this model?
Your system 4 configurations are underpower.If 4 FCUs were to turn on together, the temperature is not cold. Around 23+-. You will see the underpower during hot day.

I just installed A4UQ30GFA0. It is a high capacity ACU. Just $200+. But you have to check the access route to see whether any obstruction or not.
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