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Need some advice in choosing air con..

1) System 4 or System 5?
I was informed by HDB that my aircon cannot exceed 8.5amps because my HDB block hasn't upgraded yet.
And based on this floor plan, my wife wants to have all 4 rooms and living room installed with aircon (system 5). However, I am thinking of having air con for all 3 bedrooms and living room except the Study room (system 4). It is a long way for the cold air to the study room. However, we are not quite yet fixed on my decision. Probably will omit the study room as not many can support system 5?

2) I was quoted by my ID for system 4. Not sure which one is the better one?

My friend did sent me his 2015 quotation for his air con installed last yr (though his was system 3).

3) Which type of air con piping is good? armaflex vs thermaflex vs others..
Visit the only aircon shop in JurongEast furnituremall and was told that this white type of piping is the better one. But my ID said the black one armaflex is the better ones.. until we are confused

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