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Which company are they from?
Sorry I never follow this thread for sometime
A search in renotalk forum will uncover the vendor that I do not wish to name.

I never expect that to engage an air-con vendor (and this is in Singapore!) for a new installation could prove to be so daunting. I have already wasted a month.

Might have to do with the fact that my re-sale 4 room HDB (built by JTC) has no aircon ledge and there is no previous installation to work on and I have to take into account the electrical load. The moral of this? Better to buy a re-sale HDB with an aircon ledge or an operational air con system already in place. Forgo getting old model HDB with a bigger floor area.

My HDB officer has cautioned me to engage only BCA-trained installer, otherwise I am liable for any mishap resulting from the installation.

In my online search, I came across many vendors who are promising on delivery but turned out otherwise just from communicating with them. You can’t go by reviews because there are too many faked ‘positive’ reviews and it is so easy to spot them. By chance, I discovered one vendor paid four young attractive writers to blog on their respective web blogs. I had earlier engaged his site-surveyor who, I sensed, tried to cut corners in his installation suggestions. None of his workers is BCA-trained. When asked if he would be present on the day of installation, he said no. How then are the workers to know the piping route? Via telepathy with the surveyor?

Stupid me took too long to understand that vendor/seller of the hardware and installers are not the same entity, i.e. installation is outsourced to a third party that the vendor has no control of. Looking further, I can understand. Keeping a team of installers on the company’s payroll is not viable.

So why not I buy the air-con from any merchants like Courts. Harvey Norman, Best Denki and engage a reliable installer on my own. Firstly, where to look for them? Secondly, I am not a technical person.

The modus operandi for a two-man vendor operation is a strict division of labour - one handles the white-collar aspect and the other the blue work. The customer has access to them only as and when they allow.

I started out willing to accept any quote from any vendor because I don’t wish to expend time and energy looking for cheapest alternative. A hardware is the same hardware from any vendor no matter the price. But the same cannot be said of the installation process. After reading horror stories, how can I be sure that I will not be short-changed where installation is concerned. Is there no vendor confident enough to warrant their workmanship?
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