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hi all! need to confirm some stuff and seek all your advice..

1. reporting time for ipt/rt strict or not? wanna go 7pm slot but I can reach 7.30 earliest.. means I can only either take off or go on weekends?

2. I going the ipt route, but thinking long term and reading past posts, correct me if I'm wrong,
1st IPT-IPPT they will force u to chiong or not? I want to start from band 1..
10th IPT-IPPT if fail IPT PPT then next year need do 10 RT? then year after that is new IPPT window(means I can do IPT)?

Year 1 - IPT x 10 (pass Band 1)
Year 2 - IPT x 10 (pass Band 2)
Year 3 - IPT x 10 (fail Band 3)
Year 4 - RT x 10
Year 5 - RT x 20 or IPT x 10(start from Band 1)?

thanks in advance..
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