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hi all! need to confirm some stuff and seek all your advice..

1. reporting time for ipt/rt strict or not? wanna go 7pm slot but I can reach 7.30 earliest.. means I can only either take off or go on weekends?

2. I going the ipt route, but thinking long term and reading past posts, correct me if I'm wrong,
1st IPT-IPPT they will force u to chiong or not? I want to start from band 1..
10th IPT-IPPT if fail IPT PPT then next year need do 10 RT? then year after that is new IPPT window(means I can do IPT)?

Year 1 - IPT x 10 (pass Band 1)
Year 2 - IPT x 10 (pass Band 2)
Year 3 - IPT x 10 (fail Band 3)
Year 4 - RT x 10
Year 5 - RT x 20 or IPT x 10(start from Band 1)?

thanks in advance..
I can answer some parts of (2)
I don't think banding can drop/regress (i.e if you are band 3, that's gonna be your standard going upwards, that means band 4 next).

They won't really ask you to chiong per se, what if you collapse? They can't bear that kind of responsibility. What they do advocate is that you know your limits, if you find that you are unable to complete each exercise tasked to you, just sound off. I did that and they were happy i sounded off and i was allowed to stop that particular exercise.

Also, once you complete 10x IPT sessions (regardless of your performance), your current window is considered complete, and the next window is another round of IPT, and not RT. It's only if you didn't complete your 10x IPT, fail ICT or Non-ICT IPPT, or defaulted on IPPT do you need to serve 10x RT in the following window. This is in the IPPT FAQs on

So i am not sure why Year 4 in your example was 10x RT rather than 10x IPT, that might be the previous, outdated system.
Year 5 would just be 10x IPT for you.
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