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Need help! I am looking to replace my existing old aircon and get either Daikin SMILE or Mitsubishi Starmex.

Current house - normal 4-rm hdb, existing daikin aircon (more than 15 years, so piping need to change)

My options:
#1 Daikin MKS65QVMG (System 3) with 2 x CTKS25QVM and 1 x CTKS35QVM
#2 Mitsubishi Starmex MXY-3G28VA (System 3) with 2 x MSXY-FJ10VE and 1 x MSXY-FJ13VE

Anyone has gotten quotations on the 2? For Daikin, thinking to get from ProShop since I hear the prices quite similar even if I get a contractor. Which ProShop is recommended? (Theres like 5.. would their quotes be the same?)

Feel free to PM me your quotations as well! (Please include full details e.g. piping material, warranty, what is included/not included etc)
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