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Hmm now I'm confused. So there's no more "cooling" month anymore? If that's the case, when do you take out the funds so that the balance will be zero and ready for the next round?

ok, i think my memory is failing. during the previous promo, i got bonus interest for june, july, and august and i emptied my account for september. so i incorrectly thought the reference month was may and that it ran every month.

now i think it's being run in 3-month cycles, eg, jan-mar, apr-jun, jul-sep and oct-dec with the reference month being the month preceeding the start of the cycle. you can sign up for the promo any time during the 3 month period, and you will be eligible for bonus for the signup month plus 2 successive months.

so, for the previous promo, i signed up on june and actually took part in the april to june promo cycle with the reference month being march.

confusing hur?!
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