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I plan to do the same config 9+9+9+24 with A4UQ30GFA0 but i can hardly find any local and recent (past 2 years) review for LG Art Cool Did you proceed with the setup? Reviews please?
Yes I installed 9+9+9+12 with A4UQ30GFA0 but the FCUs are not Art cool type since first week of Sept 2016.

One thing you have to be careful is the size of ACU if your house does not have aircon ledge and the accessed window is small.As the ACU is about 65kg and huge,just make sure that the bracket is not too small and that the horizontal level does not tilt too much.

Currently I am monitoring the electrical usage. For accuracy, I usually take the average of two months. 2 FCUs run 24/7. Other 2 run about 5 hours daily.

4 aircon turned on simultaneously are able to achieve the desired temperature at 20 to 21C.

Noise wise both FCU and ACU are super quiet. Maybe they are new.

Maintenance wise FCU filter is easy to clean but not the blower which is kind of difficult to clean without dismantling.

What else you want to know?

Oh yes, during installation you better supervise the aircon men. Discuss the position of the FCUs and the running of trucking and discharge pipes. Listen to their explanation and if it doesn't sound logic insist on your plan. They will try to reuse the old holes, old pipes if possible.

Also make sure that the materials used are the ones that you paid for.
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