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I will recommend you 3/4 inch class 1 amaflex. 1/2 inch will last you 3yrs at most and will get mould. Please be "amaflex", not some unknown no brand. 2 reasons
- Too thin, get condensation and in turn get mouldy
- Disintegrate and you get black scrap of insulator, no more insulation
My minimal standard would be 1/2 inch class 1 for insulator in trunking. Expose insulator should be at least 3/4 inch thick.

Prevent leakage or choke, did you ask for 20mm piping? Be reminded the corner pipping should be at least 23mm wide PVC.

For the 22G copper pipe, the thickness is 0.7mm thick or it engrave on the pipe itself.

In short - avoid material which is made in China

Just to summarise your points, so for aircon to have:

3/4 inch thick Class 1 Amaflex for expose insulator
1/2 inch thick Class 1 for trunking
20mm piping, corner piping 23mm diameter
0.7mm thick for 22G copper pipe

Anything else to add?

i'm gonna ask for quotations for system 3 aircon.

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