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hi guys, i have this problem with my sys 2 aircon where if i only turn on the aircon in my room, the aircon is quite cold but when my bro turns on his aircon in his room at the same time, then the aircon in my room is not as cold as before even though i try to lower by 5 degrees to 18 degree (lowest)

my room has the toilet where the technicians routed the drainage pipe into it in the past. and my room has this long trunking at the top where to routes to my brothers room, when they installed the armaflex tube at the long trunking, i noticed the tube wasnt long enough to stretch all the way so there was like 3cm gap in the middle where the copper piping was exposed so i asked the technician would this be a problem and he replied no.

my specs are Mistubshi heavy industies SRK25ZMA-S (2 units), compresser is SCM45ZJ-S.

what do u think the problem is?
will they charge me if i call them down to find out what is the problem?
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