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Was visit few places like Court, GC and Best Denki for the system 4. Told by the salesman from GC that my old HDB can only use 8.5A system thus i shortlisted Starmex the popular 2 ticks package 10+10+10+18.
Btw, i saw from starmex voucher there is a table mentioned 10+10+10+24 also can use for limited current HDB.
May I know what will happen if my living room use 24k BTU instead of 18k?
My living room quite long with 4.8mx7.6m around 36m2. Is 18k BTU sufficient? Anyway Im not a person like to stay in winter country, thus i usually just set to 25deg with ceiling fan. Is the quoted package enough for me?

And also he claimed that the 5 ticks FJ models seems has compressor noisy problem and mit has investigate and states this is design problem they cant do anything. Is that true?

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