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With the introduction of singtel's home automation solution. Many would be tempted to get this for their home. Perhaps it is also good to explore this topic here as the solution provides IP Camera too.

In fact, similar technology ideal has already emerge on the market in the early 2014 October where chinese manufacturers have been showcasing their solutions in trade shows.

The solution contains a hub to control your electronic devices at home and including your ip cameras. Even back then, some ip cameras already had infra built in to control your tv n aircons by year 2015.

Singtels' solution uses z wave which is a low bandwidth n will not interfere with your other 2.4ghz bandwidth. Read more on the wiki on how it uses sort of mesh with the help of 3rd device to help 2 far away devices communicate with each other.

The mesh idea of z wave is good but i still believe ip cameras will use back 2.4ghz bandwidth as the one used by z wave seems too small for huge data rate transfer.

Another concern is the battery life if sensors are using battery n not directly connected to a power source. As we all know battery have a certain lifespan. Once used up. The device will no longer work. Imagine the hasssle of battery change climbing up n down the windows or top of the door to replace the contact sensor battery. These should always be part of the consideration during purchases. But rest assure that vendors have app that gives you the heads up to change your battery.

What I seriously loved is that z wave will b a standard protocol that will not be tied down by brands. So diff brands can work with each other. We should b expected to see more development in this area as a norm
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