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- Not shown, don't know have motion sensor and touch screen or not. A lot of now traditional Nintendo controls are gone if don't have.

- Unlike Wii U or NDS/3DS, no more dual screen (1 tv, 1 handheld), can't show different info on separate screens.

- If split the controller into two small joy-cons (L and R), each will only have 1 shoulder/trigger buttons, this rather limits the games that can be operated.

- Presumably no HDD? Home console with just proprietary game card is absolute no go.

- Too thick for a handheld, not very portable, like carrying a brick or a few slices of bread.

- If handheld is going to be powerful as home console (and switchable) then it is going to be too hot to touch after some time (like most laptops). Seems to have active cooling (there are what looks like ventilation holes at the top), which will be noisy (and weird) on a handheld.

- Amiibo support? Probably have (NFC, touch and remove, don't have to place there forever), don't see Nintendo giving up golden eggs.

- Was expecting some integrations with mobile phone platforms, but looks like it's still traditional handheld.

- Probably no multiple accounts support on single console?

- Most importantly, if still region locked = no buy.
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