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i really hope the hardware is Tegra X2 and not X1.
Reason being X1 was released in 2015, based on Maxwell (900 series) gfx card.

so by the time the console is out, the chip is 2 years old and 1 or even 2 generations back.

X2 is based on Pascal (1000 series). they are more power efficient (obviously) and the mobile version of Pascal (which this one might based off from) performs on par with 1000 series desktop gfx. and considering there is no info of X2 release date, Nintendo might have signed an exclusive deal with Nvidia.

yup. i have said Nintendo is never about how well the game looks, they are about game experiences. somehow i am not surprise if Nintendo wants to drive the cost of the system low (199USD or 249USD?), went for older gfx.
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