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Circles.Life $28 plan don't include unlimited free incoming calls. You need top pay $2 more for that.
5GB data (port in, more over time), 100 mins outgoing, 0 SMS for $30/mth Inc caller ID.

StarHub 4G 3 SIM-only with Plus 3 is $32.80/mth for 6GB data, 150 mins talk, 1000 SMS and Caller ID.

M1 mySIM+ 20 (12-mth) with Upsized Data is $25.90/mth excluding Caller ID display, with 6GB data, 150 mins talk and 800 SMS. I remember seeing other HWZ members mentioning that M1 includes 3 month caller ID display (or more) for CIS customers as long as you show the pass. So in that manner it would only be ~$4.01/mth for 12 months contract (pay only 9 months) and therefore add up to $29.91/mth.

M1's network is far more reliable than StarHub and the data calculation on their own MyM1 app is much more accurate. Circles.Life is using M1's network so I would expect similar quality.

I was on StarHub Postpaid from 29 Sep to 24 Oct (yesterday) and I've terminated the line because their billing system is nothing but horrendous.

MyStarHub won't show the real usage during the billing period, then last billing day shoot up to the "real usage", which can be a few GBs. Saw it online on other places and it seems to be the same issue for mine. That's why I forcefully cut the line (no contract) after calling 10 times in just a day trying to explain the same issue over and over yet nobody can help.

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