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Bought 9 pcs of sineoji PT498V which was a steal at $69 from Challenger as I am a value club member, Usual Price is $139, almost 50% off. Total Savings was $630!

It is a 720P HD camera with Pan & Tilt function, night vision, 128GB micro SDcard support, 2-way audio and digital zoom. $69 is an exotic offer.

Kudos to sineoji. I rang them up and requested if they can help me with the set-up, however, they came over to my office during the weekend and do the necessary mounting, trunking and installation at no charge! I have a sineoji PT595V and PT603V but the PT498V was a good buy, bought 9 pcs. What impressed me was the pan and tilt using my phone data on 4G, the camera was responding as fast as I am connected to my office wifi. No lag and every movement was instant and the video was crystal clear.

Here are some of the video quality of the 3 cameras I have.




The PT595V and PT603V are 960P HD but the PT603V has a wide viewing angle of 130 as compared to the rest of the models.

Having 9 pcs of PT498V will have all my angle covered including blind spots. No complain after all and the service was brilliant.

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