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Need help here.

After returing home from my 2 weeks oversea trip. My 2 other bedrooms aircon could only blow air but not cold air. My masterbed room is OK. My aircon is Mitsubishi starmex sys 3 . It was installed in 2008 and last servicing was done after CNY.

I was told that my masterbed indoor unit was connected to one motor and the other 2 bedrooms which are blowing the hot air are connected to another motor during the installation. I hope some experts should be able to identify the problem and roughly advised me what is the cost of repairing this issue either from Mitsubishi or outsider aircon repairer?
Few things may happened:
1) Insufficient refrigerant - simple, just top up. Check for leakage
2) Choked refrigerant pipe - unlikely and can be checked easily and just replaced the section which are choked
3) Spoiled invertor (motor) - Good game - can go buy a new compressor or get whole new system.
4) IC board spoiled - possible, just replace new IC board.

We cannot advise you on how much the cost from Mit or outside serviceman. Its all up to you.
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