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yes - it is way more sufficient with 38VA. the 9K btu + 18btu do not always blow at 100%. At high power - it is estimated to consume only 80% of full power = 7.2k btu only. At auto mode, to sustain temp of 25C - the inverter can calibrate usage of 40-60% btu depending on the temp in room. 9K BTU is the max, no blower or user will use max (16C at max fan speed plus high power). Anyone here use this setting?

Dun worry - a 28VA is suffice to support 9k BTU x4 even at warm night. Compressor are also have overclocked in case all 4 blower set at max, compressor will just use more power and work harder. Still cooling in fact.

Last common question: bigger compressor = more efficient? Yes it does at more power regardless unless!. 28VA will use 12A at optimal max compare to 38VA use 15.28A at optimal max. 20% more electric power usage!

What is the unless? Yes - unless your daily usage is only 1 room which in turn both 28VA and 38VA will likely to consume same power to run. Simplify - if you use more room, more power is use on 38VA, more efficient, more cooler.

Configuration is up to your choice.

*small tip - avoid MHI...
bro, can ask why avoid mhi? it is a common problem that they are not cold?
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