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I doubt PS4 will fall to $300 and below so fast.
Until the day of PS5 or PS Live as future games will be streaming
based no more disc/console than maybe but that will mean at least 5 years.

FYI the current price Sony selling they are making loss.
For non Sony fans, you will not know that Sony likes to aggressive price their products.
Like their new Walkman, they are selling at whopping $3k.

Count yourself fortunate that Sony do not sell the PS4 at $1k or more.
My first PS4 cost me $800 with a game included, now price have drop so counted quite good already.
I can afford to wait. Right now i only gian Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne. The rest are either not enticing to me, or plays better on PC.In mean time just play all my AAAs on PC.

By the time PS4's eminent price drop, we will have tons of GOTYs, greatest hits edition, bundles on sale that i can buy cheaply too.

Heck, by then maybe ps4 jailbreakig has become reality and dont even need to buy games or PS+ liao.
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