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I am using MDR-ZX770BN.

The noise cancellation is good for low frequency range, good for flights and bus rides. I wear mine during bus rides, can eliminate up to 90% of the noises in the bus, except for chatters from fellow passengers and whirling sounds when the bus accelerates. 8/10 for noise cancellation.

Music quality, bass is decent (I am not a bass lover), mids are good. But separation of the instruments average. I am not an audiophile though :p Overall, 7.5/10 for music quality.

The comfort level, a bit heavy, can get hot after 30 mins of usage on the ears. Ears feel a little painful after 1 hr of usage. Still bearable. 7/10 for comfort level after 1 hr use.

For $300, think this is the best pair of noise cancellation headphones you can get. Check out Carousell, saw someone selling a pair of seldom use MDR-ZX770BN.
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