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I just finished auditing Sony MDR-1000X,Bose QC35, and compared them with my MDR-ZX770BN.

Below are my observations.

Active Noise cancelling, Sony MDR-1000X and QC35 are better in filtering ambient sounds compared to MDR-ZX770BN. Sony MDR-1000X ANC is comparable to QC35.

Music quality. I feel that Sony MDR-1000X is slightly better than
MDR-ZX770BN, I am using a Spotify downloaded high quality stream. I am expecting huge difference on MDR-1000X but it's only marginal to me. QC35 sound quality is the worse among 3 of them.

Comfort, Bose QC35 is the most comfortable among all. I feel that I can wear it for hours without fatigue. Sony MDR-1000X slightly more comfortable than Sony Zx770bn, but don't think I will feel comfortable with MDR-1000X in a long haul flight.

In summary, Bose QC35 for frequent flyers. Sony MDR-1000X for public commuters who wants both good active noise cancellation and music quality.

Sony Zx770bn for those who are on budget and don't mind the poor ambient noise cancellation. But Zx770bn offers decent wireless music quality at the lowest price.
For Sony users, definitely once we owned Sony we can condemn all other brands especially BOSE. Sony have their own audio signature which is balanced sound unlike other brands.

Don't forget Sony have Sony music, headphones like Sony MDR-1A, MDR-1000X are tuned according to how recording are.
I agree QC35 music quality is the worse, to me too soft.

Comfort and lightweight wise QC35 win in that area.
To get the most out of MDR-1000X, you need Tidal or FLAC rips files from CD for it to shine as it is a high resolution headphone based on the popular MDR-1A design.

I tested MDR-1000X with high res 24/96khz I would say file format does make a difference.
I have tested the MDR-770bn before but I agree with what you mention.

It's a affordable range so other than good sound quality, NC is still not comparable with either MDR-1000X or QC35.
MDR-1000X have gesture control which I do not know whether did you play with it.

You can talk whether on the phone or face to face with someone without taking down the headphone. Forward, volume up and etc.
MDR-1000X do not need app to get the full potential unlike BOSE which you need.

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