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my verdict for tsuta

soup is mainly asari clam based taste, the chicken flavour that one is used to in shoyu ramen is not found in this shoyu ramen.
so the flavour profile that hits you and lingers the most is the asari clam dashi, the chicken stock is just for the rounded body taste
since it is clam stock, the clam stock bitterness is there, the flavoring agent which claims to have 2 blended marudaizu shoyu i cannot taste the specialness, only that it does not have the normal kikkoman shoyu taste, but neither it is usukuchi shoyu in taste, there is still faint taste of characteristic japanese shoyu, so if they substitute it with taihua soysauce i doubt anyone would notice the difference
also the black truffle oil if it is blended with the soup u cant really tell the characteristic of the original dashi taste

chashu is loin and to the lighter and less fatty tasting spectrum so as complement the soup
menma is kinda shredded not the usual sticks

the chinese parsley is a little redundant, i guess it is for garnishing purpose only

damage $15

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