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Was wondering shd u buy the 32GB or 128GB? 32GB is cheaper but dunno is it enough. I only use FB, instagram and surfing, not a frequent photo taker
For me not enough, my iPhone 6s Plus 128GB now left with about 10GB. My photos and videos took up about 40-50GB, the rest is apps and games. I only have about like 20+ songs in my iPhone 6s Plus, but that's okay cause I am using Note7 as my MP3 player.

Im glad that Apple releases 256GB for iPhone 7 Plus, if they didn't, upgrade to iPhone 7 Plus also no use, my phone still will stuck with 10GB left as I am intending to transfer every single thing into the new iPhone 7 Plus which I am getting in December. Hopefully the stocks will come by then and I can survive with my current 6s Plus for 1 month.
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