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Will you be using all the 4 units @ the same time?
Most of the time will be 1 living + 2 bedrooms. 3rd bedroom will come in next few years.

Let me put my scenario over. it's a 4 room HDB new flat where i will be knocking down one of the bedroom wall to extend the living room space. this bedroom is bedroom 3. I have an open kitchen as well.

Given the setting, i could configure it as:
- living 24K
- br3 9K
- br2 9K
- MBR 12K.


- living 18K
- br3 12k
- br2 9K
- MBR 12K.

Either way, base on FCU rated spec, any brand will not allow me to on living + br3 + MBR at the same time.

Ok now, my question which i got different answers for different people is when i look at the spec, shuold i be looking at max capacity to configure or rated? i understand the rated is meant for NEA label but to what extend i could use the max capacity as a guideline to plan?

If by rated, i can only go for 2 systems. if by max, i could possible opt for Mit 4A38 or Daiikin MKS100 or Toshiba 5M41.

Can help to correct my understanding please?
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