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Dun think so leh. I think it's Gale Wings, only works when HP is full.

Also this gen is really slow. The fastest of the 3 starters is Decidueye, and it's base 70.

Someone really hates Gengar though, Destiny Bond fails like Protect if used in sequence.

Other changes include not fully accurate TWave, Dark Void being locked to Darkrai and 50% accuracy, and you get your Mega ability and speed on the turn you Mega evolve.

And 31 IV Hidden Power Fire is now possible. Hyper training does not modify the IV value, but it maximizes that stat. Using a Timid Latios as an example, HP Fire requires 30 IVs in speed (349 speed), hyper training makes you have the max speed (350 speed) as if you have 31 in speed. But the IV still enables HP Fire.
The IV thing is really good.

Gengar lost Levitate is jialat liao.
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