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Can you quote for this? Will need 7 letters.
Hi dear,

We have replied your email, hope we didn't mix you up with other customers.
You want 7 letters for the name NATALIE right?

Cost of goods: 165.60RMB
Domestic shipping: 22RMB

Total: 187.60RMB = $38.68 (1st payment)

I do not know how heavy your goods will be, but estimated should be around 3-5KG. Let's assume it's 5KG and ship via normal air, will have to make sure seller does not include battery, if not need to ship via sensitive air.

Shipping: $8 + ($5 x 4) = $28
Agent fee: ($28+$38.68) x 4% = $2.67
Total: $30.67
After 10% discount: $27.60 (estimated 2nd payment)

Hope the above helps!

Thank you!
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