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Hi Itedino, Can be cheaper. What is happening is just some simple cleaning. I think $85 is expensive. It is so simple that you can actually do it yourself. Remember that this is only cleaning and though, such action can improve the efficiency of your aircon, in my opinion, it does not prevent the aircon from breaking down, except the clearing of the drain pipe (which prevent leaking)

So if you wish to do it yourself, than it is free of charge. This is because, such cleaning is unable to reach many other parts of the aircon which would need to be cleaned. So save the money and pay for a pump down cleaning (FCU overhaul) and inspection/testing of the parts when the whole FCU is dismantled for a complete cleaning and the fan motor and capacitors (indoor and outdoor) checked for possible future failure. If not wrong, the cost is about $150+- for each FCU.

Clearing of the drain pipe can easily be done by using a balloon air pump to blow down the pipe or use a bottle converted into a reservoir to suck up clogging in the drain pipe with your vacuum cleaner. (never suck up water with your dry vacuum cleaner without the reservoir). If need to I can provide how to make the bottle converted reservoir. This depend on request.

Alternatively, you can take up a short course in Residential Air Conditioning conducted by ITE. It is a hands-on course. If not wrong, it is also subsidized.

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