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They are not authorized agent. My ID refer them to us.

We did the testing on Monday night and yesterday evening. We turn on the aircon at 18degree and let it run for 1~2hours but it doesn't feel cold.
Everynight when we sleep we use aircon one (24deg) so we know the difference.
Currently the new ones that are installed are system 4. For these 2 testings, the living room fcu i didn't turn on. I only turned on all three rooms (2 common rooms and master room) as I know the compressor cannot support all 4 fcu at the same time. I also checked the drainage and it was okay (water flows out to the toilet). There was no water leakage along the trunking.

So far, I feel the aircon installer did a good job. I have no issue with them. Just that I want to ensure the aircon is working fine (24deg vs 18deg shld have a difference) before I made the full payment to them.

Not sure is it that we need to top up the aircon gas or need to get Mitsubishi Electric technician down instead to check on the aircon pressure etc..
Normally, there are many factors that can affect the cooling of the room. It will be good to check the temperature of the cooling fins in the FCU as reference. Then compare that with the standard temperature of your model. This way, the performance of the air conditioner can be assessed. You can search the model for the standard temperature at the FCU fins or call Mitsubishi for help on this temperature. Check should also be made to ensure that the air flow from the FCU is accordance to the specification.

Working on "feeling" can be difficult to resolve. I suggest that payment should not be made yet. There are cases when during installation, workers skipped the air purging and leakage check which can affect the effectiveness of the system and future costly defects.

The above are my option and I hope it is helpful. I feel that it may be better to pay a little bit more to have an authorization dealer so that in the event of a dispute, you still have an upper hand to call the company to review the case.
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