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Don't let the earthquakes put you off the south Island really. It's quite nice down there. Really nice drives too.
My friends in Wellington are still carrying on as normal. They are still receiving guests from Malaysia. So, yes, while earthquakes can be devastating and scary, making some practical adjustments in your itinerary would still accord you a very nice vacation. Bear in mind that New Zealand is a very large country compared to Singapore. An earthquake in a particular area has little bearing, as far as tourists are concerned, on the rest of the country. One gentleman who lives in Waiau, and was badly affected by the earthquake, bemoaned the fact that the rest of the country seemed unperturbed by the earthquake and it was business as usual. But that just goes to show that it is safe to travel to New Zealand, even to the south island.

I was there in Christchurch in 2010 when the first quake struck and I went back again in 2011, 2 weeks after the devastating one. While the damage was widespread in some areas, in other areas, it was almost nothing had happened. I am not down playing the seriousness of an earthquake, but all in, the rest of the country should be ok for now.
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