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Had a mobile sharing plan with singtel and currently they are having a promotion of $5/mth for a year so happily I grabbed the offer. With this additional sim card I used it for my watch.
So I had it for a week now. My take for this smartwatch:

1) Aesthethic – Looks and feel great, a very manly watch!
2) Handsfree! At last I’m able to walk/sit without holding my hp. No more taking in and out hp from pocket esp when busy at work. This is my primary reason for getting this smartwatch.
3) Phone call – Was skeptical about the audio quality but turn out good! I did not even put near my mouth just folding my arm and placing the watch just slightly below chin. Very please with it. If calls come in while you are sitting is even best. Put your elbow on table and talk/hear with ease.
4) Health monitoring – This by far is the best feature. Really enjoy the convenience of monitoring all my health activities without having a hp. Cycling, jogging, walking without having a hp is great!
5) Auto connect – Unlike the hp(my usual habit is to select from data roaming to wifi when I reached home or enable Bluetooth to car radio when in car), this watch just connect automatically without me needing to do anything. Impressive!

1) Price – Quite Ex
2) Battery life – I can’t even past 12hrs! But then I read some foreign forum saying the battery will get better overtime and am hoping that’s true.
3) Keyboard – Not so friendly, need to swipe around to input. I tried the Samsung gear S3 and they are much better in terms of text input.
4) OK google – Using voice is quite a pain. I’m thinking this feature only tailored to those with European accent. I tested it with “Hey I’ve got the watch” and it turned out “hey I go to work”. It does work for very short phrase like “call so & so”. Unless they come out with recognising Asian accent otherwise this feature is quite redundant for me.

1) Headphone – Havn’t got a headphone for music/call answering. Will need recommendations from anyone who can share.
2) NFC – Looking fwd to try this feature but I guess will have to wait for AW2.0 update. Or has anyone able to use it yet?

Glad I purchased it, as it does improve my lifestyle. That said, I must add that this smartwatch is ideal for very small grp of ppl who don’t often surf net, social media texting, gaming, videoing, taking pic but still need be contactable for simple call/text functions. After all we are supposed to use technology to benefit us and not letting technology control us ya! Just my 2 cents
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