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Angry Sub-standard aircon installation

Visited Gain City to buy Mitsubishi for my resale HDB 5 room house but was talked into buying LG System 3 insteadfrom Gain City.

Since we moved Into our fully renovated house beginning this year, we have so much headaches

1. Compressor dented and collected rain water - small matter and settled quickly.

2. Hot air blewing shortly after 2 months or so. Called Gain City and LG man came. Said gas leak and not product problem.

3. Gain City's sub contractor came, said need to do minor hacking to attach devices to detect where the gas leakage was. But I monitor first after he him tightened a knot in the compressor. Fortunately it worked.

4. First service done by Gain City also disappointing. The senior technician still ok but the junior simply talked too much, messy and untidy. But worst, was told one unit cannot be serviced as the trunking blocked the aircon and cover couldn't be removed. Need to relocate the unit.

5. Gain City's sub contractors came the next week. Either to relocate and move the unit upward or opened up the trunking every time servicing is done. I took the 2nd option to avoid all the messes and inconvenience.

6. The same unit started to make funny noise whenever I switched it on. On nights when I sleep light, I feel irritated by the noises.

7. Worst of all, rain water started to sip into master room lately!!! Given my feedback in Gain City 3 days ago, asking for a complete solution but no response from them yet!!!

I am considering to seek help from another aircon company and also give up my 2 year service contract with Gain City. Any recommendations?

If Gain City cannot resolve my problems once and for all, I hope another company can.
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