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Will know soon.... I just bought from their Sitex promotion (Daikin Pro shop) to replace a much older Daikin unit in my resale flat. I suspect current one is 15 years old or thereabout (plastic is all yellowish now). It's still working fine, but I've other works for the house and since I've not replaced the unit when I moved in, decided to make the change now for good before it breaks down.

Bought 3 x 9000 BTU units with 1 x 20000 BTU unit and its corresponding compressor. Total about S$4.9k with new piping works.

at first glance...i thought u gonna infract me....

Great!!! wait for ur feedback!!!
i'm more concerned about the noise....wondering is it quiet during operation.
Like the brochure stated 19db.

Coz mitsubishi starmex also 19db and i'd one at really quiet.

if Daikin Smile Series is as quiet as starmex...then i'll be a happy bird.

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