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Hi, The FCU sound level is normally dependent on the air flow speed which is variable as well as the design of the fan and air flow channel. It will be good to compare the sound level of different models relative to the actual speed (not setting, as same setting in different models may have different speed).

For example: Daikin CTKS25 has 19-43 dB at 8.3 m3/min (max. speed if not wrong) while Mitsubishi FJ10 has 19-47 dB at 16.9 m3/min (max. speed if not wrong). From the above, it may be appropriate to say that FJ10 at CTKS25 speed of 8.3 m3/min would likely has 33 dB sound level.

The above are my opinion, hope that it is useful.

Daikin CTKS 25 QVM / MKS80QVM
Operation Sound 19 - 43 db
Airflow rate 10.8 m3/mm

Mitsubishi Starmex MSY-GE10VA/ MXY3A28v8
Operation sound 19 - xx db
Airflow rate 11.4 m3/mm

so both are quite comparable since the figures are 0.6 differences.

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