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ok, i not going to waste time.

This is HW0021 1080p version which i bought in Taobao which cost RMB270 (not included international shipping) ship vs 4px

If u want, u can get from this seller
I understand this seller review not much but mainly their business is at aliexpress

Ask for HW0021 1080p, dont bid the one which put on sale as this 1080p only sell when you ask for it. And remember to ask for 3pin plug (英规电源). As for DDNS label (DDNS标签) you need to request from them if nt they wont give as now most ppl use mobile app.

all these are take under normal circumstances which basic use at all house on normal usage.

Refer this to another model which i buy Wanscam IP camera HW0046 (960P)

For SAFETY MARK Registered adapter:
U can get from here, it work fine as i am using this.

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