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Isn't iPad Air very old? Released in 2013. Trade in price for iPad air is very low. If it's the iPad Air 2 maybe not that bad. Recently not many good tablets honestly. The best I find is the Tab S2 2016. IPad Pro(s) are just too expensive. Have been using my Tab S2 9.7 for more than a year and I like it a lot, more than my iPad Air 2. There's really no competition for AMOLED.

Ya it's the Ipad Air 2 (or 3?)... which at that time was just released and sold out in 2015 December.

Yeah now Amoled is becoming more of a norm... and i agree, havent seen any good tablets! That's why I'm contented with my Samsung bwahahaha.

Dun want to trade in though.. i always think that trade in is a ripoff, compared to selling to ah beng shop or carou. And esp if I don't really fancy the new thing to be traded in
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