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Sinoeji service is bad

Anyone experience bad service from Sinoeji? I have a bad experience with them recently. I order my Sineoji online on 27/11/16 and I received a call from them on 29/11/16 that they will do the delivery and installation on the same day between 4-6pm. I ask my boss for time off so that I can be home for the installation. At around 4.30pm, while I was on the way home, I received a call from Sineoji that they can't make it. They will do it on 30/11/16 between 4-6pm. Ask my boss again for time off again. This is the best part, no turn up and no call at all. Today is Friday, sian liao, luckily I choose to pay by COD. Another thing, their support email box is full, guess no one is attending to it. Maybe is just me, unlucky customer.
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