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So there is a chance of encountering the super crowd...if I got delayed. Why i'm asking is because my gf is very small size and thin...I see those video where they push you inside, i'm not sure how it is like for her if too squeezy.
my experience in Tokyo.
I went 6 times to Tokyo but i normally stay near Tokyo Station but i do travel during peak hours in the morning.
I never encountered those super crowded like in Video.
In peak hour, is like Jurong East EW line to Raffles during peak hour those crowd which is very manageable.
But not until need those station to push.

Many people who never to Japan got such impression of super crowded lines in Tokyo but actually 99% of the time i am able to get seats! in Singapore it is like 0.01%.

Those crowded lines are not typical lines that tourists will ever take.
Residential area to Business district type of line.

What you take is Yamanote Line to Tokyo. Then another local line to Maihama which is not crowded at all.

For me, most common line i usually take is Yamanote Line, Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line. The rest not so common. Yamanote Line itself is sufficient to cover most attractions.

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