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so far i did't use ezbuy insurance before but this year alone i shipped almost 100 kg of items over from USA using ezbuy. so far all ok none got problem.
i only use comgateway shipped laptop once few yrs back and it ok too.
ok la to be fair to them, none of my things ended up damaged (yet), but they also have very dodgy wording on their site for insurance (I checked cos we shipping over $3000 worth of furniture), and indeed their CS staff very sketchy. in the end I gave up and started praying instead.

so far so good. alternative: shop and ship down below is actually not bad -- their CS is in Singapore, and I think they're transitioning from being B2B, so the CS are actually still smart.. unlike the fools at FedEx (who once asked me why I was making his life difficult, when it was his deliveryman who couldn't figure out unit numbers), or ezbuy (who make me wait 30mins on live chat)
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