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If anybody here has taken cruises or sea kayaking at Doubtful or Milford Sound - could you please share how much it cost and what was your overall impression?

I have done day cruises at both but not kayaking. Doubtful Sound is a full day affair because you need to go cross Lake Manapouri by boat, cross a mountain pass by coach to finally reach the sound for a 3hr cruise. Milford is a simple 2.5hr cruise if you are already at the ferry terminal or another 1.5hrs if you start from Te Anau.

I think I was lucky because it was drizzly and foggy at Doubtful, sunny and bright at Milford. Each offered a different mood and atmosphere to experience. There is a higher chance of the former since it rains much more days in the sounds. Doubtful is bigger, more spaced out while Milford is more scenic and compact. Doubtful is about $200 while Milford can be less than half of that. If you had to chose only one, I would say Milford.
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