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Thank you for your effort in putting this together. It certainly offers many insights and advice not found on other articles wrote by other travelers. I have truly enjoyed it. I will not be able to do the South Island for my upcoming trip (this time round) as we have decided to just do the north island for 2 weeks. It's a pity I know but weighing all considerations, this seems to be the best move for now.

I certainly look forward to your 2-week itenirary for north island :-)

Btw. Great landscape pics. Great eyes. Thanks for sharing the amazing photos.
You are most welcome, thank you too and I appreciate your feedback. I have not had the chance to do up a 2-week itinerary for north island in NZ yet. Presently, on request from some of my readers, I have done up a 6-day itinerary. If you are keen, please feel free to check it out here:

North Island is a little more 'disparate', in my opinion. There are also many points of interest, scenic though they are, certainly not as breathtaking as the south. It is a little harder to plan a 'circulatory' itinerary for north island, because the usual point of entry for most visitors is Auckland. Now, Auckland is right smack 2/3 up the north island, and so one would have to traverse Auckland twice, if he were to see the north island over 2 weeks, taking in Cape Reinga in the far north and Wellington in the south. If you are visiting north island in summer, do make a point to visit Cape Reinga, it is really quite something. And if you want a bit of a rush, go tobogganing at Te Paki, which are sand dunes near Cape Reinga.
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