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Just had a bad experience with Comgateway also...
Bought a few small items from Amazon, each of them are like 0.1 to 0.2kg (socks, small replacement parts for my camelbak etc), but they actually round each of them up to 0.5kg first, then sum them up...
Ends up paying 5.5kg price for 1.9kg of stuff... And you know the best part? They actually charged me another 4USD for 'combining the shipment'.

Not sure about what's the policy from borderlinx or vpost, but at least that never happened when I bought things from Taobao.
I've seen and heard alot of complaints about ezbuy recently online and offline.
Die alr la. haha all my packages are coming in, and their support tells me rubbish like today is 7 December, your stuff arrived on 6 December, we are still clearing stuff from 2 December. Like it's my fault that their business is too good to handle.

And on a separate note, they found "meat" in the package of dog stuff i got - probably treats from the seller, and called the whole thing invalid to ship. I said to discard the meat content, but they suddenly tell me they can't tell me anything because there are "no updates in the system".

It sounds like they are a bunch of imbeciles being controlled via their hair like in Ratatouille.

I mean comgateway is expensive at a starting price of USD11, but at least when poop hits the fan, SOMEONE TAKES THE RAP within 24 hours, or you get some money back.

If i calculated all the time I've spent trying to work things out with ezbuy, CGW is probably gg to be cheaper.
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