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you can complete your PVE runs? I mean TOA, TOAH 60/70, HOH B2/B3, GB10 and DB10?

based on your kit,
you need some sort of brusier team with cleanser as you dont have a speed leader. Acasis will be good or emma, it greatly depends on the skills up they have as well. laika should be made as your main dps.

ariel acasis/emma laika (leader) n chasun will be ok.

Chasun ariel on violent nemesis.

acasis/emma violent will. make them the fastest.
I can complete TOAH 55, HOH B2, GB10, DB9
Thanks for the team suggestion, rather unique because I hardly see acasis or emma in battles. I almost wanted to level up orion, but why is he left out ?
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