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too early to talk about arena.

if f2p focus on clearing toah100 first.

anyway c1 isn't about defence but more of how fast you clear your offense..

hover around 9k ~rank 30mins before arena reset, then win your 13 arena offenses within that 30mins.

this will probably ensure you're c1. if not, you need to go back to gb10 and farm hard
not true. I never complete my toah. but db10 is definitely a must to complete. c1 isn't just about speed clearing. a decent defense will allow you to go further than c1.

I can complete TOAH 55, HOH B2, GB10, DB9
Thanks for the team suggestion, rather unique because I hardly see acasis or emma in battles. I almost wanted to level up orion, but why is he left out ?
using orion will help you strip some mobs in AD. However, Emma can strip everything on a single mob and boost atk bar for your mobs. she also has 3rd skill that acts as heal + def boost which is annoying. acasis is similar to emma but she adds reducing chance of crits which ensures better survivor rate to your mobs..

granted that orion provides boost and does alot of fun stuff. The fact is you do not have a speed leader which makes him quite unusable unless you can grind the runes to rune him above 270 speed with swift +will or swift + nemesis.

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