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Just back from 2 weeks' South Island trip, did not feel any earthquake. Fabulous trip and amazing scenery.

Have prepaid Vodafone SIM card balance with 0.9GB 4G data, about 190 min of calls (can call NZ and S'pore) and about 190 SMS (can SMS NZ and S'pore) to sell. Data valid till 1 Feb 2017, calls and SMS valid till 26 Jan 2017. I will give free a petrol voucher which gives discount of 6 cents off every litre of petrol (claimable in 2 specified Mobil stations in Christchurch), valid till 27 Dec 2016. Buy now and you will know your NZ no. before you fly, so that you can inform whoever necessary. Prepaid SIM card is Iphone 6 size. If keen, kindly PM me.


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