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1. not sure yet but i see my neighbours having 2 condenser already.

2. have enough for 2 condensers

3. to be frank, now no need..

4. for my current parents' house, i usually use 25 degC.

and thank you for replying
1. Still good to confirm with HDB on the number of power points. Two wrongs do not make one right.

2. If 2 power points is possible, I suggest to start with a single split. You can expend later, save more money at the mean time and there may be newer model when it is time to buy another one.

3. Installation cost is based on individual combination. Install 2 condenser now or 1 first another later is no different.

3. Get one that is 4 to 5 energy label ticks.

4. Air conditioner can be operated in conjunction with a fan to help you feel cooler. The air conditioner cools the room with cold air that is blown out from its FCU. The additional fan cools you further with dry moving air passing your skin causing evaporation as the dry air from the air conditioner removes heat from your body. Fan energy can be very low, as low as your light bulb. In short, if 25 degree is your comfort temperature, you can set it above 25 degree and yet feels the 25 degree when using an additional fan.

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