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continue play until sold la

why you need to kill the left tower?.. Gosh. Why not you use Colleen to replace lushen? Orochi is more than enough to dot.
My Colleen too weak, just a 4*. I used Orochi, expected it to reach the boss to get rid of that tower using continuous damage, especially i had sort of upgraded the runes... but it did not even make it that far.

Those are the best mons i have on hand to beat b10. Had to get rid of left tower due to my lack of good prevent healing...

It is my first attempts at Wind B10 after all, stuck for a while at B8. When i finally max level my ariel, i suddenly managed to clear B8 and B9 rather nicely, of course i'll go for a hit at B10 since ive already cleared all 4 other elements B10 before this. I know i got the chance.

Eventually my strategy will differ lah as even i myself also think its ridiculous to fight for an hour.

Well, at least it works.
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