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Just had a bad experience with Comgateway also...
Bought a few small items from Amazon, each of them are like 0.1 to 0.2kg (socks, small replacement parts for my camelbak etc), but they actually round each of them up to 0.5kg first, then sum them up...
Ends up paying 5.5kg price for 1.9kg of stuff... And you know the best part? They actually charged me another 4USD for 'combining the shipment'.

Not sure about what's the policy from borderlinx or vpost, but at least that never happened when I bought things from Taobao.
Sounds like you are very new with CGW. Your so-called bad experience are those supposed to be expected on how CGW calculates their fees/weights/etc. This is not a bad experience, this is ignorant, since all of them are clearly stated. If you weren't aware, that's not CGW fault, hence not bad experience. Bad experience is something like package lost/damaged, delayed response, unable/reluctant to solve issues/problems, etc. Those you mentioned above were not issues.

Minimum weight for CGW is 0.5kg regardless if actual/volumetric weight is less than that. All weights are also rounded up to nearest 0.5kg. Read here

How many packages did you combine? For Standard account max is 3 packages, with additional $1 for each package thereafter. Again read here

Different forwarders/merchants have their own policy, I suggest you to read their policies carefully next time, especially their rates and how they handle weights, package combination, etc.

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