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i think he get Digi Prepaid BEST but he say he cannot find the addon uinlimited data from the apps.
- Best way to find out what's going on is to be 100% sure which prepaid plan he's bought. He should have double-checked while at the dealer that anything that he's paid for is intact, that is the "additional?" data. I've no idea what "unlimited data" refers to.
not sure how the apps screen like.
Ask him to do a screenshot and send it to you. I'm not sure how you're expected to help him without knowing what he's exactly looking at.
from website i can find

does Digi Prepaid BEST able to roam in Singapore? does the USSD code work in Singapore?
Yes, for DiGi Prepaid Best, USSD codes work while roaming in Singapore. He can also use the app, or login from a browser.

i see RM28 for 7GB data after free 50% extra data

for the internet plan monthly is it auto renew monthly?
Normally yes, monthly data packages for DiGi will auto-renew. As for what he's got, please make a little more effort and refer to some discussions made earlier about these SIM cards that come with data. We're wondering about the auto-renewal too.

In conclusion, only the owner can see what exactly he has, then we can try to figure out what's going on. You mentioned that he couldn't see the add-on data in the app? It means he's already using the DiGi app... all info can be seen there - plan type, data, validity, etc.

Edit: Suggest getting your friend to either log onto his account online (browser), or use his DiGi app. Check the plan type, expiry, total and break-down of data available, etc. From there, will be able to figure out if there's indeed something missing.

Edit Again: With DiGi, you've to read the T&C and FAQ to get a better idea of what's going on with each plan - T&C for DiGi Prepaid Best

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